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My name is Jill and I am a creator, performing artist, badass communications businesswoman, and all-round gem.

I am an award-winning playwright, performer and educator - I understand the process of creating and performing. It is a lot of energy, a lot of actual blood, sweat and tears, and so many hats. Many artists are absolutely terrified of social media, marketing and sales, and with good reason, it's a bit of a monster. As an artist, your job is your art and all the incredible challenges and work that entails. As an ARTrepreneur, you have the confidence and skills to implement strategies that will radically transform your life, bring confidence to your communications and free you from your business burdens. That's where I come in.

Whether you're looking to get press for your newest show, want to up your social media presence, are building a digital presence completely from scratch, or just want to have someone help you navigate the minefields, I'm your gal.


Luckily I have many people to corrobarate - check out the testimonials below to hear what some of my collaborative clients have to say!




"Jill is incredibly talented. She is able to jump into things (even when handed to her at the last minute). Once she's started she is able to take care of stuff I didn't even realize I would need/want and open up those opportunities. My experiences with Jill have always been exceptional. In an industry where there are so many variables and moving parts she thrives with her ability to balance many things at once. Jill has a good grasp of multi-faceted project management, which I think is one of the keys to her success. "

 - Wes Barker

The Stunt Magician (Netflix's Big Trick Energy)




Your written communication to the world, on your Website, by Email or on Social Media, is not only an extension of your work, or a marketing tool; it is what will help deeply connect you to your friends and your fans, and allow you to grow your reputation and community.



Good writing attracts good writers, in order to get your story out to larger audiences you need engaging, exciting press release copy and a dedicated, dynamic publicist who is well connected and passionate about your project. This is the bread and butter of rayAction creative communications, and the foundations Artrepreneur was built on; with a proven track record of successes, your press relations are in safe hands.

prateek-katyal-xv7-GlvBLFw-unsplash (1).jpg


It's something which seems like a neverending and ever-evolving task, it can be. What it comes down to is a real sense of the nexessity to be less playbook, more playful. Your social media is more than myriad opinions and selfies, it is your way to connect further than your website, your advertising and your brand messaging. To win at the Social game you *must* be personal and connect to your followers in an authentic and engaging way. It's less complicated than you're making it out to be. Let me show you, and cure you of your social mediaaaaaargh fear.




If you are just feeling stuck and just have no idea where to start, but know in your gut you would feel so much better doing something about your presence and engagement online - I'm your

gal. I've been through the pitfalls and scaled the peaks,

and I am here to share all my little (and big) secrets.


You will be amazed at how easy it is to just get started wherever you are in your comfort level, let's work together to boost your confidence and create your ideal ARTrepreneur life

Today can be the first day towards a whole
new way of working. Ready to jump in?
Pop me an email:

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