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Representation: Leyla Carreira/Kate Crutchlow. Lucas Talent Inc.

Training: BA (Hons) Acting First Class (Bretton Hall, UK)

Vocal: Alto Mezzo-Soprano (Mezzo Belt)

Accents: British (Native), North American Standard, Cockney,

Geordie, Irish, Scottish, Southern US, Canadian

Dance: Contemporary, Jazz, Swing


"ver·i·si·mil·i·tude, written and performed by Jill Raymond, is a follow-up to Direct Theatre Collective’s successful HYSTERIA. Blending speculative fiction with horror, ver·i·si·mil·i·tude warns the audience of the downsides of this perceived perfect world, reminding that the joys of the earthly realm cannot be replicated. The engrossing piece submerges viewers in a universe that can easily be imagined as the all-too-real near future, and leaves people asking: Are we already in too deep?"
- Emma Jeffrey, Stir Magazine, on ver·i·si·mil·i·tude

"The single performer, Jill Raymond, is spectacular in her portrayal. Her ability to draw the audience into the simple, natural, folksy personality of Shirley is astounding. Raymond executes masterful transitions of mood as she contemplates the people in her life, and the effects they have on her."
- Christian Steckler, Review Vancouver, on Shirley Valentine

"Well-deserved standing ovation for last night -- complete with brilliant performance from Jill Raymond! Don't miss this heartfelt & hilarious show"
- John Lee, @johnleewriter, on Shirley Valentine

"When it was through, most of the audience was quick to rise for a standing ovation and slow to leave the theatre. If they’re like me, they probably felt like they needed a bit of a cry, or maybe just an anguished cry to the heavens. By the end of Hysteria, the careful groundwork laid through its crafty songs and small doses of powerful honesty culminated in my feeling—a lot of feelings in every direction."
- Natalie North, ROOM Magazine, on HYSTERIA

"Jill Raymond keeps her character’s emotions affectingly close to her chest."
- Colin Thomas,, on HYSTERIA

"The four leads – Chris Dellinger’s class-conscious Basil Fawlty, Martha Ainsfield-Scrase’s viper-tongued wife Sybil, Jill Raymond’s loyal-to-a-fault maid Polly and Tom Kavadias’s Barcelona-import Manuel – share every nuance, every aside as their small-screen counterparts."
- Lance Peverly, Peace Arch News, on Fawlty Towers

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